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The following information is part of a presentation by the Defense Business Board about Modernizing the Military Retirement System dated July 21, 2011.  You can find the first slide in the presentation here.


  • The current military retirement system is out of date.
    • It is unfair, unaffordable, and inflexible.
    • As costs escalate, the continuation of the system will seriously erode future military capabilities.
  • A comprehensive alternative that would fix these shortcomings is required.
    • All military personnel earn retirement benefits.
    • Costs are far more manageable in future years.
    • Contributions are flexible and reward longer service, high risk assignments, and family separation.
    • Retired and disabled members would be unaffected. They would still receive current benefits.
  • Modifying the existing system to reduce cost would have to be dramatic to address affordability. The system would continue to be unfair and inflexible.
  • Implementation should be phased-in to ensure current military personnel are treated fairly with due consideration to cost.


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